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How often does your organization or company think about your communications strategies? During a crisis? In a period of change? As part of an annual planning process?


Whenever you choose to evaluate your strategies and your messaging, we can help. With extensive experience successfully creating transformational, breakthrough strategies for a variety of clients and situations, we have demonstrated expertise that translates to success for any situation.


Our strategic acumen was honed building some of the world’s most successful brands. And using brand strategy to make organizations more effective.


Let us make it work for you.


We start the journey with the known.


We probe the knowledge and experience of you and your team. The observations. The thinking.


What you say, and want to say. The data, if it exists.


We analyze what the competition – the ‘other side’ for a public sector client – is doing.           And saying. 


We talk to the audiences. Yours and theirs.


Your users. Your influencers.  Your partners.


What they know – and think or wish they knew. What they see and hear. And explore what they don’t. The messages. The noise. The distractions. And how they think and feel about it all.


Then we ask “why.” Why you do what you do. Why your people and your audiences feel the way they do.


We look for what you and others don’t see. We interpret. Create hypotheses. Alternatives.


Then we share the journey with you. Our recommendations and the ideas we threw away. Learn what makes you comfortable. What surprises you. What you never expected. And what best reflects your vision and your truth.

In over 30 years of creating or managing breakthrough strategies, these elements have been present in our best work. Let us put them to work for you.

Read our Case Studies to see how this approach has generated results for our clients.

David Sollitt
Founder and Principal

As the CEO and Chief Strategist at Treeline Strategies, Dave Sollitt brings over 30 years of strategic planning to his clients’ businesses. Upon receiving his MS Degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School, Dave began his career at a ‘startup’ agency named Backer & Spielvogel, working on their first and largest, client, the Miller Brewing Company. There, he helped guide two of the most successful beer campaigns of all time, Miller Time for Miller High Life and Tastes Great Less Filling for Lite.


At Foote Cone & Belding/Chicago, Dave managed the entire portfolio of Coors Brands as well as their national and international expansion over a 16 year period. He also directed brands for Cadbury Beverages International and Citicorp.

Returning east with Young & Rubicam/New York, Dave guided the Miller Brewing International business as well as the MetLife Insurance account, then became the VP of Marketing for Naya, the bottled water company based in Stamford, CT and Revelstoke, BC.


When he and his wife decided they wanted to raise their kids in the mountains, they moved to Jackson Hole to form Riddell, Sollitt & Partners, guiding strategy for such clients as Yakima, Marmot, Simms Fly Fishing, Grand Teton Lodge Company/Vail, Rockefeller Holdings, Dan Bailey Fly Fishing, The Outdoor Industry Association and others before starting Treeline Strategies.


In 2007, a highly successful assignment with Sun Ranch/Papoose Creek Lodge, the only registered  ecolodge in the continental US, resulted in a consulting assignment as the Executive Director of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) in Washington, DC, the world’s oldest and largest ecotourism membership organization.


Since 2009, he and Treeline have been consulting for a variety of private and public sector clients in Jackson, Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Zimbabwe, including Weathertech, Gores Group/Ireland Ventures, Aurora Health Care, Mangy Moose, Pepi Stiegler Fund, International Anti Poaching Foundation and others.

Dave has served on a variety of non-profit boards and donates time and expertise to non-profit and charitable causes. When not creating powerful strategies, he likes fly fishing, skiing, hiking and camping with his family and the occasional offshore sailing race to add to his 30,000 blue water miles. .

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